Dr. Gregory T. Davis is a 2001 graduate of The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, completing his residency at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California. Prior to medical school, Dr. Davis graduated Cum Laude from Kansas State University in Mathematics in 1992.

Before returning to Texas, Dr. Davis spent eight years practicing internal medicine in California hospitals, where he developed an interest in arthritic conditions. While caring for seniors in a hospital-based practice, Dr. Davis provided medical consultations for many patients undergoing knee and hip replacement surgery.  “Essentially, I noticed a lack of any comprehensive/preventative care plan for arthritis sufferers.  Therefore joint replacement surgery appeared to be the only option beyond pain medications for these people, at least the only option offered to most patients.”

Dr. Davis’ interest in treating arthritis naturally led him to investigate options for non-surgical treatments. The most researched area was knee arthritis, which is also the most commonly replaced joint.

“I found for knee arthritis sufferers, there exists many individual therapies that help.  Then I discovered a practice that combined multiple therapies — knee lubricant injections, specialized arthritis braces, and medicine management combined with physical therapies.  This seemed to be the most optimal non-surgical treatment regimen and showed remarkable results in the majority of the arthritis sufferers.  Now, I have duplicated that model and offer that treatment program here in Austin, through Rational Longevity Medicine & Wellness.

Returning to Austin is ideal for my common sense approach to wellness and health care,” said Dr. Davis. My ideals are based on the principles of nutrition, exercise, body and mind centered integrative medicine through a collaborative partnership with my patients. I am very excited to start this practice with the support of the experienced and trusted wellness providers at Longevity Wellness Group.”